Credit Problems

No problem! We can still help you get a home loan whether through assisting in cleaning up your credit file or, in many cases we can still get you the right home loan with the problems you may have. We specialise in assisting clients who have had minor credit problems in the past because we believe this doesn’t mean you are a bad credit risk!

I want to buy a home

We know how to help you! If you’re a first home owner, upgrading your home, investing in property or wanting to reduce your interest rates by refinancing we can help! The advice you receive from Adviser Finance Brokers can point you in the right direction.

Car Finance

We can help you compare car finance options to find a great deal. Just because the car salesman tells you the rate is very low, that doesn’t mean there are many fees on top to make your monthly payments higher. We compare payments each month to ensure you have a competitive finance option.

We take great pride in getting to know our clients to ensure the most
suitable and competitive loan is provided

"Extremely satisfied customers!!! "   Sarah & Dennis

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