I want better interest rates

If you’re currently in a commercial property or business finance loan, we may be able to find you a better interest rate.

The banks apply what is called a ‘Risk Margin’ to the interest rate you are currently paying. The Risk Margin is determined by the banks idea of how secure you are as a client – unfortunately some banks don’t look closely enough to the business and simply charge too much.

  • This is especially the case where you’ve been operating successfully for some time. If you’ve got a proven track record, why shouldn’t you pay a lower rate?

    At Adviser Finance we know how to show the banks that you’re an excellent credit risk – and they should provide you with a competitive rate – not require you to beg for the money. In many cases we can negotiate with your existing lender to get that rate down.

    Obviously this is a complex area of finance and there are many things to consider – but we are confident we can help.