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commercial property

Commercial properties are a very unique field in the lending world. There are many things to consider when purchasing but there are also many benefits!

    Car Loans for business purposes:

  • 1. If you’re purchasing as an investment, lease terms can be as many as 10 years as opposed to the normal 6 month leases of residential properties. As an investment there may be tax deductions available to you on the interest paid on the commercial property loan.

    4. Did you know that you may be able to use your superannuation to purchase an investment commercial property? We know how to make it happen. Contact us to find out more.

  • 2. In the investment world of commercial property the return on investment can also be very high – in most cases ranging between 7% and 10% after costs. Further to this, high depreciation rates are often available with these properties.

  • 3. The rent payable increases with inflation!! Wait… There’s more… if inflation doesn’t increase by 4% the rent payable still does!

    Owner Occupied Commercial Property

  • 1. As an owner occupied property the rent you pay must be set at market rate – but you’re paying off a property for yourself, not paying rent for someone else’s property.

  • 2. Because you’ve been in an industry for some time the bank will look more favourably on you as a commercial property buyer. You know what you’re doing, you just need the space to do it!

  • 3. Did you know that you may be able to use your superannuation to purchase an owner occupied commercial property? This is very possible – of course you’re going to need a decent superannuation balance but don’t be scared off by this possibility. Contact us to find out more.