"Thank you for this information, all pretty clear to me so I have no questions. We are all moved in and slowly unpacking! I'm looking forward to Stuart coming home on Wednesday, then the house will be complete.
Thank you again for making this possible and if you're ever in Perth we would like to buy you a beer! Cheers,"

"You are so lovely! I've been trying to send this all day.
We're good, house is great & the move only outlined how incredibly unfit I am....LOL
Was definitely worth the stress, we both cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to get us to this point. What a fantastic person you are and what an absolutely amazing business service you provide. We will be throwing ourselves into unpacking over the next couple of weeks and if you are available before Christmas or after (whatever suits you best), we'd love to have you and your partner over for dinner. Thank you again Anthony. Please don't be a stranger we'd love to know how business is travelling now that you're flying solo. Extremely satisfied customers!!!"
   Sarah & Dennis